10/2023 SIEL Conversation


The aim of SIEL Conversations is to bring together authors and commentators to give talks that are idea-focused so as to foster learning and inspiration, and provoke conversations that matter. Each SIEL Conversation will last approximately one hour and will include commentary from the speakers, with questions from the public.


Title: The Screening of Investment Activities in International Investment Law

Investment screening is an increasingly important tool for regulating and monitoring FDI. While the objectives for screening mechanisms differ, such procedures allow State authorities to investigate the effects of an intended economic activity and to take restrictive measures when necessary. The rules regulating investment screening are experiencing a rapid evolution and have the potential of fundamentally transforming international economic relations. Indeed, we already witness this when considering recent case law/policy developments, with potential tensions between negative screening decisions and investment protection standards. Moreover, non-compliance with screening requirements may entail the loss of protection and thereby indirectly impose obligations on investors.

Growing geo-economic fragmentation has spurred scepticism towards investors originating from geo- political antagonists, or those in fields deemed no longer welcomed (e.g. fossil fuels), and evoked caution to protect critical industries, secure the supply of strategic goods and align State investment policies with other international commitments (e.g. in human rights or environment law). Such considerations are most prominent in the areas of environment, national security and increasingly, in outbound screenings informed by, inter alia, geo-economic relations and the need to strengthen resilience.

In this SIEL Conversation, participants will analyse these fields and provide a fuller picture of what legal issues and obligations investment screening entails in the context of international investment law.



  • Sarah Bauerle Danzman, Associate Professor, Indiana University Bloomington
  • Agata Daszko, Research Fellow, University of Göttingen
  • Ksenia Polonskaya, Assistant Professor Carleton University
  • Kilian Wagner, Researcher and Assistant Lecturer University of Vienna


  • Maria Laura Marceddu, Max Weber Visiting Fellow, European University Institute


Date: The event is scheduled for Friday 20 October 2023 at the following times and more information can be found below:

10 am New York
3 pm London
4 pm Berlin
10 pm Singapore

Register for the event at: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_vfo-qHM9T1GdbmWoSGdALA 

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