Recent publications

These are some of our members’ recent publications. Please note that the views in question do not necessarily reflect the position of the Society of International Economic Law (SIEL).


Federico Ortino, The Origin and Evolution of Investment Treaty Standards: Stability, Value, and Reasonableness (OUP 2019)

Freya Baetens (ed), Legitimacy of Unseen Actors in International Adjudication (CUP 2019)

Han-Wei Liu and Ching-Fu Lin, Artificial Intelligence and Global Trade Governance: A Pluralist Agenda, (2020) 61(2) Harvard International Law Journal 

Ilaria Espa and G. Marín Durán, ‘Supporting Green Energy through EU Preferential Trade Agreements: Potential and Limitations’, 47 Legal Issues of Economic Integration (2020), pp. 115-150.

Owen McIntyre and Suresh Nanwani, The Practice of Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAMs) Towards Good Governance in Development Finance (Brill 2019)

Rafael Leal-Arcas et al., The Great Energy Transition in the European Union, Volume 1, Eliva Press, 2020; 438 pages; ISBN-13: 978-9975-3417-1-4.

Rafael Leal-Arcas et al., The Great Energy Transition in the European Union, Volume 2, Eliva Press, 2020; 429 pages; ISBN-13: 978-9975-3417-3-8.

Rafael Leal-Arcas (ed) International Trade, Investment and, the Rule of Law, Eliva Press, 2020, 206 pages.

Pasha L. Hsieh & Bryan Mercurio (eds), ASEAN Law in the New Regional Economic Order: Global Trends and Shifting Paradigms (CUP 2019)

Pasha L. Hsieh, ‘Rethinking the RCEP in the Third Regionalism: Paradigm Shifts in World Trade Law?’ in David Trubek, et al (eds), Globalization Reimagined: A Progressive Agenda for World Trade and Investment Law (Anthem Press 2019)

Regis Y. Simo, ‘Trade in services in the African Continental Free Trade Area: Prospects, Challenges and WTO Compatibility’ (2020) 23(1) Journal of International Economic Law (JIEL) 65-95.

Stephanie Noel and Weihuan Zhou, ‘EU’s New Anti-Dumping Methodology and the End of the Non-Market Economy Dispute?’, (2019) 14(9) Global Trade and Customs Journal 417-424

Suresh Nanwani, ‘China’s Belt and Road Initiative: An Interface with Multilateral Development Banks’, in Maria Adele Carrai, Jean-Christophe Defraigne and Jan Wouters (eds), The Belt and Road Initiative and Global Governance (Edward Elgar 2020 forthcoming)

Suresh Nanwani, ‘Belt and Road Initiative: Responses from Japan and India – Bilateralism, Multilateralism and Collaborations’, Global Policy UK (March 2019)

Suresh Nanwani, ‘SDGs and the Role of International Financial Institutions’ in Julia, Walker, Alma Pekmezovic, Gordon Walker (eds) Sustainable Development Goals: Harnessing Business to Achieve the SDGs through Finance, Technology and Law Reform (Wiley 2019)

Susan Isiko Štrba, ‘Intellectual Property Pluralism in African Development Agendas: Food Security, Plant Variety Protection and the role of the WIPO’ in Susy Frankel (ed.), Is Intellectual Property Pluralism Functional? (Edward Elgar 2019)

Weihuan Zhou, China’s Implementation of the Rulings of the World Trade Organization (Hart Publishing 2019)

Weihuan Zhou, Henry Gao and Xue Bai, ‘Building A Market Economy Through WTO-Inspired Reform of State-Owned Enterprises in China’, (2019) 68(4) International & Comparative Law Quarterly 977-1022

Weihuan Zhou, Huiqin Jiang and Qingjiang Kong, ‘Technology Transfer under China’s Foreign Investment Regime: Does the WTO Provide a Solution?’, (2020) 54(3) Journal of World Trade 455-480.