The Postgraduate and Early Professionals/Academics (PEPA) Network of the Society of International Economic Law (SIEL) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law are thrilled to announce the PEPA/SIEL Online International Economic Law Research Marathon 2020. The Virtual Conference, which for the time being replaces the postponed conference in Jerusalem, will host 23 emerging International Economic Law academics and practitioners from all over the world. Each author will present his/her paper in a Zoom session of one hour, including comments from experts in their field and open discussion. We invite you to join us to attend the talks and to engage in enriching academic discussions on pressing issues in International Economic Law.

To attend any of the talks, please sign up through the Guests’ Registration Form (which includes the program):

Registrants will receive Zoom invitations for the paper sessions they signed up for, and papers will be sent upon request by the authors. Please note that the times listed in the schedule are in ‘real’ GMT (eg, London is now GMT+1).

The program is available here.