SIEL stands in solidarity with all our Ukrainian friends and colleagues. Many Ukrainians are active members of SIEL and we all know them to be hard-working and talented scholars and legal practitioners striving to achieve a better future for their homeland.

The following indicative list includes academic programs and job opportunities for IEL students, scholars and practitioners displaced by the war in Ukraine.

If you wish to add opportunities to this list, please contact



1. Research institutions – São Paulo Brazil
Research, Deadline: 30/08/2022, Link:

2. Central European University – Hungary
Bachelor and Master Fellowships, Deadline: Various, Link: 

3. University of Bologna – Italy
Deadline: 20/07/2022, Link: 

4. European University Institute (EUI) – Italy
Master and PhD Fellowships, Deadline: Various, Link: 

5. Swiss National Science Foundation – Switzerland
PhD, Deadline: Various, Link: 

6. Scholars at Risk – Switzerland Section – Switzerland
Deadline: Various, Link: 

7. University of Basel – Switzerland
Deadline: Various, Link: 

8. University of Verona – Italy
Various, Deadline: 20/07/2022, Link: