This year’s Colloquium focuses on actors in international investment law beyond claimants, respondents, and arbitrators. Potential topics are presented below.

Topic 1. Arbitral Institutions and Appointing Authorities
Topic 2. Counsel
Topic 3. Third-Party Funding
Topic 4. Public Participation
Topic 5. Scrutiny by Public Institutions
Topic 6. National Governments and Treaty Negotiators
Topic 7. Investment Promotion Agencies and Political Risk Insurance
Topic 8. The European Union
Topic 9. International Organisations (Excluding the EU)
Topic 10. Academics
Topic 11. National Courts
Topic 12: The Investor’s Home State
Topic 13: Other Investors (Beyond the Claimant Investor)
Topic 14: Other Tribunals (Including influence of existing case law)

Only one abstract will be considered per author. Abstracts must not exceed 800 words and must be submitted by email to; and

The call for papers is available here.