The Transnational Dispute Management (TDM) law journal is preparing a Special Issue on the “The Changing Paradigm of State-controlled Entities Regulation: Laws, Contracts and Disputes”.

Co-editors (Christophe Bondy, Prof. Julien Chaisse, Dr. Helena Chen, Dr. Jędrzej Górski, Dini Sejko, and Romesh Weeramantry) invite you to contribute to the special edition on with unpublished articles, conference papers, research papers and case studies.

In recent years, the operations of state-controlled enterprises (SCEs) have increasingly been interwoven with the problem of foreign direct investment (FDI). On the one hand, SCEs headquartered in post-communist, and operating under state-capitalism paradigm, have increasingly gone global investing in a wide range of economic sectors (investment by SCEs). On the other hand, in domestic operations, SCEs have been increasingly co-operating with foreign investors (including both foreign private enterprises and SCEs) as minority stakeholder, or partners in various forms of public-private-partnership (PPP) (investment in SCEs). 
SCEs broadly raise issues in regulatory fields as diverse as company law, trade law, investment law, competition law and international taxation. This leads to many normative (whether legislative or contractual) conflicts and complex transnational disputes which will be the focus on this TDM Special Issue.

The Call for Papers identifies two broad categories of topics which raise important issues for discussion: With regard to investment BY the SOEs/SCEs and with regard to investment IN the SOEs/SCEs.

Further information is available here.