On 4-5 October 2018, the Law Faculty of the University of Geneva is hosting a conference entitled ‘Evolutionary interpretation in different international legal systems’, featuring many distinguished guests.

Evolutionary interpretation is an intriguing and fundamental concept in international law. It allows for the interpretation of treaty provisions by taking into account, emerging factual and legal situations, changes in international law, new social considerations, technological improvements or environmental concerns that did not exist at the time of the conclusion of the treaty. Whether this evolutionary reading of terms occurs by virtue of the generic nature of the terms in the treaty, the contemporary meaning of such terms, the object and purpose of the treaty or the immediate or remote context of the treaty, evolutionary interpretation allows the terms of a treaty to adapt to the passage of time.


This conference aims to facilitate thematic discussions on the topic of evolutionary interpretation. These discussions will allow for a broader understanding of the approaches to evolutionary interpretation in various areas of international law, as well as a comparison of these approaches. In what ways do the various approaches to the evolutionary interpretation differ, and what are the limitations of evolutionary interpretation as applied in each area of international law?


The programme for this conference can be found here: 

Further information can be found on the conference’s website: 
https://www.unige.ch/droit/evolutionary-interpretation/. Attendance is free, but registration is mandatory. To register for the conference or to ask any questions, please send an email before September 25th to clement.marquet@unige.ch