Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2023

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Society of International Economic Law to be held at 1200 (NOON) GMT on 7 December 2023, at 6 Milner Crescent, Wollstonecraft, NSW 2065, Australia, by Zoom call and by teleconference (“Notice”). Local times in various places are listed below.

The agenda for the meeting is below.

The meeting will be held by Zoom call with a teleconference dial-in option. SIEL members must register for attendance at the meeting HERE. The Zoom link and dial-in numbers for the meeting will be sent to all SIEL members who have registered.

Only current, paid members can vote. Those whose memberships have expired are invited to renew on the SIEL website at

If you are unable to participate via Zoom or phone, please complete and submit a copy of the proxy form (PDF) to designate another member to participate on your behalf. The transaction of business requires the presence in person or by proxy of a quorum of one-twelfth of all SIEL members.

Please transmit a scan or photo of the signed proxy form by email to the Co-Secretaries, Yuka Fukunaga at yuka-fukunaga@waseda.jpThe deadline for receipt of proxy forms is 48 hours before the AGM (1200 (NOON) GMT, 5 December 2023).

Kind regards,

Yuka Fukunaga and Weihuan Zhou
Co-Secretaries, SIEL

Date and time of meeting (time to be confirmed by Zoom)

Mexico City/ N America Central Time 0600, 21 December 2023
North America Eastern Time/Peru 0700, 21 December 2023
Atlantic Time/Nova Scotia 0800, 21 December 2023
Brazil – Sao Paulo/Chile 0900, 21 December 2023
London/GMT 1200 (NOON), 21 December 2023
Paris/Geneva/Nigeria 1300, 21 December 2023
South Africa/Israel 1400, 21 December 2023
India (Delhi) 1730, 21 December 2023
Bangladesh 1800, 21 December 2023
Singapore/HK/Beijing 2000, 21 December 2023
Korea/Japan 2100, 21 December 2023
Sydney/Melbourne 2300, 21 December 2023
New Zealand 0100, 22 December 2023


Agenda – SIEL AGM 2023

1. Election of members of the Executive Council including an Executive Vice President and a Secretary.
2. A report on and discussion of the 2023 Conference.

3. A report on the SIEL accounts by the Treasurers and discussion of any questions by AGM participants.

4. Discussion of potential amendments to SIEL Articles of Association which are marked in the attached proposed form of the Articles of Association and are intended to simplify certain aspects of the administration of the Society as follows (please see a redline version of the proposed amendments here):

      a) amendments to Articles 7, 11 and 51 to permit the use of electronic forms of resignation, resolution and other notices;
      b) an amendment to Article 13 to increase the quorum for future AGMs and ensure wider representation of Members;
      c) an amendment to Article 25 to shorten the time prior to general meetings for the lodging of proxy forms by members from 48 hours to 24 hours;
      d) an amendment to Article 42 shortening the notice period for meetings of the Executive Council from 14 days to 7 days;
      e) an amendment to Article 51 enabling the Executive Committee Council to pass written resolutions (including in electronic form) with a majority of members rather than unanimity; and
      f) an amendment to Article 54 reducing the size of the Nominating Committee (from 11 to 7) and giving the Executive Council power to appoint 3 Executive Council members (previously 5) and 3 non Council members to the Nominating Committee.

5. Consideration, and if thought fit approval of, a special resolution that the new articles of association of the Society in the form attached to the notice of the meeting be approved and with effect on and from the date of the AGM in substitution for and to the exclusion of the existing articles of association.

6. A report on and discussion of other SIEL and SIEL supported activities in 2022-2023.

7. Any other business.

Nominating Committee Report on candidates, 2023 SIEL Election
Proxy Form for 2023 SIEL Election (PDF)
SIEL Articles of Association, Proposed Amendments (redline version)