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To apply for SIEL membership, please select the appropriate category below.  Payment will be done by credit card through PayPal. (You do not need to have a PayPay account to complete the transaction.)  All memberships are for a two year period.

  • The standard membership rate is GBP140.
  • A public sector membership rate of GBP90 is available to public sector employees, including all academics, government officials, and those who work for NGOs.   The employer must be stated on the application form for verification purposes.
  • A concessional category of membership is available only to those who fall into one of the following categories:

                 (1)  A full time student;  OR

                 (2) A public sector employee (academic, government official, or NGO) who is employed by an organization in any of the 
                 three lowest United Nations income categories.

Sample Country Membership Categories for Public Sector Employees:  (if your country is not listed, see our FAQ below)

 CountrySIEL Membership Category
Australia  Public Sector Membership
Brazil  Concessional Membership
Chile Public Sector Membership
China Concessional Membership
EU All EU Members fall into 'Public Sector'
 with the exception of Romania which counts as 'Concessional Membership'
India Concessional Membership
 Malaysia Public Sector Membership
Russian Federation
  Public Sector Membership
Singapore Public Sector Membership
South Africa Concessional Membership
Switzerland Public Sector Membership
 Public Sector Membership


My country is not in the list above.  How do I know which 'UN Income Category' I fit into?

Please refer to:   If your country is listed in Low-income economies, Lower-middle-income economies, or  Upper-middle-income economies  then you are entitled to membership under our 'concessional categories'

I am from a low-income country but I work in a European University.  Which membership can I seek?
As your income is derived from a high income country, you fall into the 'Public Sector Membership' category.

I am from Europe but I work in a low income country.  Which membership can I seek?
If you are paid by your own government, your income is derived from a high income country, you fall into the 'Public Sector Membership' category.  If on the other hand you are paid local wages in the low income country, you fall into the 'Concessional Membership' category.  

Why are memberships now for two years?

The SIEL Executive Council reviewed the membership policies in 2015.  The two year membership cycle has allowed us to reduce the amount that is paid by most categories of membership and ensures that the organization has a predictable funding cycle.  SIEL is a not-for-profit organization and uses all funds received for the benefit of its membership.

I am already a SIEL Member, how do I renew my membership? 

To RENEW membership, login using your e-mail and password (top right hand of the screen), then return to this page and click on "edit your member profile" and then follow the instructions there.   The membership categories may have changed (and membership costs decreased) since you last renewed, so please change to the appropriate new category.


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