July 15-17th 2008

SIEL 2008 Inaugural Conference

SIEL’s inaugural conference, along with the formal launch of SIEL, was held from 15-17 July 2008, at the Centre on Trade and Economic Integration, at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Villa Barton, 132 Rue de Lausanne, Geneva, Switzerland.

This conference aimed to explore the many different faces of “international economic law”, in order to reflect critically on its past, present and future paths. It will seek to explore issues concerning the content of the discipline, its evolution as a distinct field, and its relation with other fields of study. Given that the aim of the Society includes fostering research in the area of IEL and promoting cooperation among all parts within the field, the SIEL inaugural conference will also be a forum for those inside and outside academia to share pedagogical and research methods, as well as to explore greater cooperation among the many different constituencies of the field.

The program is available here.

The SSRN page for this conference can be found here.