2018 SIEL Conference FAQs

  • I do not have a Gmail account, can I submit my proposal using the form in any case?

YES, you just need to have a valid email address.

  • I have no access to Google and I cannot access the form from my location. How should I submit my proposal?

Please follow the instructions available here.

  • Can I submit a two (or more) authors proposal?

YES, we accept proposals with co-authorship. Please note that no more than two authors per proposal will be accepted to sit the panel. The paper will be given one regular slot at the conference, and the co-authors can organize the presentation in that slot as they see fit -i.e. either the authors split their time, or the proposal is presented by one of the two authors.

  • Can I submit a paper previously presented at a conference?

YES, but priority will be given to original proposals.

  • When is the deadline to submit a proposal?

The deadline for ALL submissions is December 20, 2017 at noon GMT (London time). All submissions must be entered into the system at this time. No exceptions!

  • When is the deadline to submit the final paper?

If accepted,  the accepted papers (from paper and panel proposals) must be submitted by 10 June 2018.

  • What is the word limit on paper proposals?

The size limit for the abstracts is 3500 characters (or equivalent of 600 words).

  • I am a Master/LLM student, can I submit my proposal?


  • I am a PhD student, can I submit my proposal ?

YES but preference will be given to those students whose research are already well developed.

  • If I propose an individual paper, and the paper is accepted, in what way will I be expected to present the paper during the conference? Will you place a number of individual papers in a panel, or how does it work?

An accepted paper will be grouped with other papers into one panel. Depending on the number of proposals received, we usually arrange panels that are coherent as to the topic.

  •  If I propose an individual paper, and the paper is accepted, are there any specific guidelines for how the paper that should be submitted in June 2018 should look like (for example size)?

There are no further guidelines or restrictions for paper submission - in particular there is no size limit.